About Us - PT. Sarana Tani Pratama



PT. Sarana Tani Pratama officially became a business entity at the end of 2009, but our products started with a good reputation since the 1970s. Since then, Bantan and Yamato has been the first choice for many people looking for canned sardines in tomato sauce.

The company is also proud to have implemented a no waste policy at our plant, which means the use of all unused parts of our raw material that do not meet the quality standards to be processed further as to produce strategic commodities such as fish meal and fish oil. Aside from canned sardines, we are also proud to be able to supply strategic commodities of fish meal and fish oil to the biggest animal feed companies in Indonesia and internationally.

With far-reaching grasp of the international markets, our products are proven to have the high standards required to compete with other international companies.

Activities &
Our Business


  • To conduct business in an industry which includes processing of seafood and cold storage.
  • To conduct business in the general trading sector which includes imports and exports, inter-regional distribution, local distribution, as well as agents acting as wholesalers, suppliers, consumers, for our own products or other enterprise products, not limited to canned sardines, fish meal, or fish oil.


  • Supplying and realizing the needs of high-quality raw materials and support materials for the efficient production of PT.Sarana Tani Pratama.
  • Processing the residue of production well to produce new product variations.
  • To uphold integrity in allactivities between us and our business partners and consumers.


Being right next the largest fishing port in Bali gives us a strategic locational advantage against our competitors, enabling us to process the freshest raw materials the ocean could offer. Furthermore, by maintaining close relationships with local fishermen and regional suppliers, our fish supply is always stable and abundant. A pride of PT. Sarana Tani Pratama, our production facilities uses state-of-the-art machinery and conveyor system for the best production efficiency.

Since the consequences of unsanitary food can be serious and dire for our customers, we always apply high standards in our production and it is proven by certification ownership and some international accreditations such as ISO22000 (Food Safety), ISO9000 (Quality Control), and HACCP.

Our location in Bali is 2.5 hours from Ngurah Rai International Airport by car.Please contact us to arrange your visit to our sardine canning center in Bali / Banyuwangi.



Fish is the main raw material for the main operational activities at PT. Sarana Tani Pratama. We purchase fish from local fishermen at the fish auction located in Pengambengan, Bali. When it is not fishing season, we source our fishes from all around Indonesia as well as internationally to stabilize supply for our customers. The species we use include Sardinella Longiceps, Sardinella Fimbriata, and Sardinops sagax.

Untuk memastikan bahan baku ikan sarden yang berkualitas tinggi, kami bermitra dengan nelayan setempat dan juga nelayan di pulau Jawa. Semua kami lakukan untuk mendapat produk terbaik, kami juga membangun mesin es berteknologi tinggi di dekat pelabuhan, serta membantu nelayan dengan memberikan jaring ikan dan aneka mesin pendukung berkualitas baik kepada mereka. Dengan cara ini, kestabilan bahan baku yang bermutu tinggi dapat tercapai.


We strive to be the best seafood processing company, which eventually put Indonesia on the map as a producer of high quality canned sardines, fish meal and fish oil.


To deliver products with consistent quality and efficiency that surpasses customer expectations and to foster long-term healthy business relationships with customers and our suppliers.