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Fish Meal

Fishmeal is a fish meal powder obtained after fresh raw fish is cooked, dried, and squeezed.Fish meal is a valuable animal protein supplement and a source of vitamins, minerals, and stimulate various other growth factors.Fish meal is usually used as a supplement to achieve high nutritional value, especially in aquaculture and animal feed.Fish meal provides high protein nutritional value that is directly related to amino acid composition and digestion.

Sarana Tani Pratama is committed to produce high-quality fish meal which contains a balanced amount of all essential amino acid phospholipids, and fatty acids for optimal development, growth and reproduction.Animals cannot produce amino acids in their bodies, therefore they must be added into their feed.[G1]The profile ofthis fishmeal aminoacidis what makes this feed formula so attractive as a supplement, and some of its benefits include improving the immune system, promoting rapid and optimal growth to reduce food costs, and reducing pollution from wastewater by providing greater nutrients and good for digestion.[G2]

Fish meal and fish oil are mostly used to produce animal feed, plant fertilizer, and health supplements.Our markets include Japan, Taiwan, and China.Please do not hesitate to contact us for sample product requirement, and we will send it to your address.

"Our products are always produced to the highest of quality. With several international standards in place our fish meal and fish oil are used by big local as well as international companies. Contact us for more information and we will do our best to fulfil your needs"