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Canned Sardines

Our canned sardines come from fresh fish (Sardinella longiceps / Sardinellafimbriata / Sardinops Sagax) which are captured from Bali Strait, Java Sea and Indian Ocean by local fishermen.When in a difficult season to get fish, we take frozen fish from around Indonesia using cold-storage truck to keep freshness and quality.

Before processing, all our sardine raw materials are checked for histamine and salinity to ensure consistent freshness and quality.Whole and fresh sardines are then are selected carefully, cleaned, canned and then cooked.Once cooked, the product gets the right combination and composition of other support materials such as tomato sauce, palm oil, soybean oil, or vegetable oil to enrich the taste and nutritional value.All ingredients for sauce come through a string of stringent quality controls before being selected.The sealed product is then carefully sterilized and gets final quality inspection before it gets to the customer.Besides producing our own products, we are also open to manufacturing as per customer's specifications.

Please contact our team at info@stpbali.com to further discuss the possibilities of working together.

"Our products are always produced to the highest of quality. With several international standards in place our fish meal and fish oil are used by big local as well as international companies. Contact us for more information and we will do our best to fulfil your needs"